Buying great products is great! Buying great products through companies who invest in global impact, even better! 

We’re in Business to create change that impacts people’s lives!

Batik Blendz is a socially conscious business committed to producing high quality products that showcase the beauty of Indonesian artistry. Batik Blendz began with a dream to showcase the amazing artistry of the Indonesian people to the world. Every time you purchase a Batik Blendz product you help stimulate the economies of local communities in Indonesia, by ensuring our artisans receive a fair, sustainable, livable wage.

But our impact goes beyond.

Batik Blendz is also committed to making a real change in the lives of Indonesian children with special needs. We give back 10% of our profits to a charitable organization that serves children whose childhood’s have been disrupted through physical disabilities. Together, with your purchase we can rewrite the stories of children in need of special medical equipment, necessary physical therapies and prosthetics that allow them to have an improved quality of life.

Together we can, Carry the Change!

Learn more about how our mission allows you to make an impact on the lives of women and children in Indonesia.