Be Beautiful Inside and Out

Meet KenKen:

A photo of KenKen and his mother


Meet Kenken:

With two older brothers and a spirited personality, he wanted nothing more than to run and play with his siblings. Unfortunately, a handicap in his lower knees and ankles caused both feet to turn inward, restricting his ability to walk, run and play. Kenken's situation turned dire, when even the most basic attempts at walking put him at risk of serious physical harm as his head and legs failed to support his body in motion.

Through the generosity of those who have been moved by his story, Kenken was able to receive corrective braces on his legs and feet. However, his story doesn't end there. As Kenken continues to grow, he will need additional braces and shoes to accommodate his growth. 

You can change the life of a child like Kenken.

10% of your Batik Blendz purchase is donated to the organization that will continue to provide the necessary medical devices that Kenken and children like him will need to sustain the highest quality of life possible.

Be Beautiful Inside and Out while helping to change the life of a child. 


 Carry the Change!